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A Long Road to Freedom & Equality

How can individuals change history?

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Journey to Freedom

Experience the Underground Railroad journey

Lincoln Emancipation statue.jpg

3. Breathing free? Changing the constitution

Civil War & Reconstruction

Langston Hughes portrait.png

The Harlem Renaissance

Langston Hughes: "Merry-Go-Round"

MLK & MX.jpg

5. Black Power Movements for Civil Rights

Marting Luther King vs Malcolm X

The Butler cover.png

Films about African American history

Silent Gesture cover.jpg

6.From Champion to Spokesperson

Silent Gesture by Tommie Smith

Image by Henry & Co.

7. Key dates of Black History

Create a Visme timeline 


Past habits & passive voice

L'habitude dans le passé

La voix passive

Image by Vlad Tchompalov

9. #BlackLivesMatter
Don't Shoot by The Game

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10. Final task

As part of the Black History Month celebration, write an article in the school newspaper to recall the story of your ancestors, compare with your life in a modern era.

Marking scheme

How to write an article

Obama, the New American Hero
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The Game - Don't shoot
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