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Medicine & ethics : are we going too far?


1. "First do no harm"

Thorax & abdomen anatomy.jpg

2. What is organ transplantation?

Full article (University of Minnesota)

Cellular Memories & Bad Blood (Prof. Hood)

3D printer.png

3. 3D printed implants

Dr Zheng.jpg

4. baby has DNA from 3 parents

Newscientist article

Bethany data.jfif

5.Transhumanism: could we live forever?

BBC documentary

Tim Wu's article


6. Is the exoskeleton a progress for humanity?

Hugh Herr.jpg

7. How to deliver a TED talk?

N.Duarte -> "The Secret Structure of Great Talks"

Perfect Child.png

8. Building a perfect baby

TED logo.jpg

Final task -> deliver your TED talk

Chapter Heading

Marking scheme

Image by Nikita Kachanovsky

Scientific innovations & responsability

Building a perfect baby.mp3
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